Ten Commandments of Golf

Dear Golfer:

Thank you for your interest in improving your golf swing and increasing your knowledge of the game of golf. Golf is a learned skill. There are no shortcuts. Every person who plays the game of golf must learn and understand the basic mechanics and principals that control the golf club and produce a consistent ball flight. Golf is a difficult game to master, but with the proper fundamentals contained in this book a student can avoid the pitfalls that have ruined so many golf swings.

The Rocky Mountain Golf Academy was organized in 1978 with the express purpose of establishing an environment that would not only provide a fun atmosphere to learn the game of golf but would also offer a teaching format that would enable all levels of skill and experience, from beginners to experts, to enjoy and learn according to the needs and time table of each participant. Since its beginning almost forty years ago, Rocky Mountain, using the principles contained in this book, has taught thousands of golfers from every walk of life and every stage of development, young and old, recreational players and tour players, men and women.

Utilizing the newest techniques and equipment, while recognizing that there is no one perfect swing, “The Ten Commandments” will teach you to become a better golfer with the golf swing you feel most comfortable with. That is my promise.

Jeff Waters’ is a fully certified and trained PGA Master Golf Professional, and is one of the few golf professionals in the history of the PGA to earn this prestigious title.